Friday, March 14, 2014

True Strength

With the CrossFit Open being in full force, the talk of strength and strategy for each WOD are all I hear in the box. Its an exciting time! But its not always about your score. I encourage everyone to participate in the Open. Not that I think they'll make it to regionals or the Games, but just to support our sport and have fun. The score for most doesn't matter. And that's okay. Its about the experience. Its about doing the same workout as the games athletes and actually being able to do the movements.

I've been reminded of this more during this Open. My strength isn't back 100% so I knew I couldn't compare to last years performance. But I've seen the 'CrossFit Games spirit' more in my mom. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of last year. She's been crossfitting for over a year now. She thought about not participating in the open due to her schedule and the effect of radiation on her body. But my brother and I encouraged her to jump in and have some fun. So she did. Her confidence has been high throughout her treatment. She's been praying more, being the rock for many.

"It's just cancer. Not the end of the world. I got this."

I had the privilege of doing 14.2 with her last weekend. The workout consisted of overhead squats and chest to bar pullups, 3 minute rounds with an increase of reps after each round. The masters weight for overhead squat was 45 pounds. Well my mom has only lifted 25 pounds overhead in a squat. So needless to say she was a little defeated when the challenge was announced last Thursday night.

Well we get to DRiV Fitness on Saturday in St Augustine after an hour of her talking about she won't be able to lift the weight. I kept encouraging her.

"I've never lifted that much. I'm going to have a dash dang it!"

followed by...

"I don't know what I was thinking, I'm just not strong enough."

So yea. She was defeated before she even started. So we walk in to the box, go through a thorough warm up, do some test runs, etc. She starts with light weight and goes heavier on the overhead squat. First 15, then 25 pounds. She gets some confidence back and goes for 35 pounds. Nails it. Her confidence is through the roof now. I can see the shift in her demeanor. She is going to get this! Anne and I encourage her to try the 45. Coaching her along the way with verbal ques and encouragement. Her face is still showing fear, but she's going for it. And she gets it! Followed by an immediate scream and 'happy dance.' Her confidence is back. Awesome.

So we start 14.2. She's not sure how many she'll be able to get, but she got one and that's all she needed to record a score online. She ended up with 4! And in pure Mama Davis fashion she had set up a bar with lower weight so she could get a workout in. And after I was done with 14.2 we did a workout anyways. She was so excited about her 4. I was so glad I was there to watch her overcome what she thought was her limit. And that's what the CrossFit open is all about. No you may not be able to have the top score in your region. But you can give your best effort. And getting caught up in the hype of the Open can propel you past limits you thought you had, giving you that extra boost of confidence. And that's one of the reasons we do what we do to ourselves right? To look good and feel good?

So encourage your fellow competitors. A score of 4 should be celebrated as much as a score of 300. Pick each other up. Don't spread discouraging or negative conversation. That's not what the Open is about. Seeing her overcome her own battle in her head, watching her silence her inner critic was one of the most motivating experiences I've ever witnessed. I shared it with my box, CrossFit Rebels in Clearwater and they were also motivated by your strength. Mom, you are an inspiration to so many. I'm thankful for your drive, your spirit and never give up attitude.

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